Romantic Weekend Away

What with work, children to raise and bills to pay, spending some all important quality time with your loved one may seem next to impossible.  However, your relationship with your partner should never be sacrificed to your kids and career.  One sure fire way to keep your love alive is enjoying a romantic weekend getaway – ideally at least twice a year.  Romantic getaways serve a dual purpose, giving you some much needed time alone with your lover, but also providing a chance to unwind and recover from some of the stresses of everyday life.

Plan Ahead

When you are planning your romantic weekends, make sure that you think well ahead and put aside some money for your special break.  Depending on where you are going, it could be the perfect opportunity to treat your partner and yourself to a romantic spa getaway – a wonderful way to both calm the mind and rejuvenate the body.  These days, many spas offer double treatment rooms designed specifically so that friends or lovers can enjoy their spa treatments together.  Another bonus of a spa getaway is that spa hotels have a soothing, but cosseting atmosphere, which is highly conducive to romance!

Weekends Away from Melbourne and Sydney

One bonus of romantic weekend escapes is that the majority of the time, you select a destination close to home.  This means that the stress associated with travel is reduced as there are no flight schedules etc to obey, and you can focus your energy on making the most of your weekend break, rather than travelling miles away only to arrive exhausted and tense.  From Melbourne, spots like Daylesford, with its cozy cottages, beautiful scenery, great restaurants and fabulous spa treatments is a popular choice for a short break.  Similarly, the Mornington Peninsula offers all of these attractions plus gorgeous beaches and some excellent wineries.  From Sydney, the Blue Mountains have some glorious B&Bs special getaways all year round in some of the most spectacular landscapes in NSW, and the Hunter Valley offers Sydneysiders everything that the Mornington Peninsula gives Melbourne residents, with many places offering weekend packages specifically designed for couples looking to reconnect.

Save on hotels with

Getaway Packages

As mentioned above, there are a huge variety of weekend getaway packages.  Do a bit of research online before you book to ensure that the weekend break that you choose is ideally suited to your tastes and budget.  In addition, many travel agents organize themed romantic escapes, which makes deciding between the hundreds of short breaks out there a little be easier.  These kinds of couples’ packages usually include return flights to the destination, accommodation for 2 or 3 nights, breakfast and dinner (one of which will be suitably romantic and candle-lit!), plus options such as guided tours, if that it what you are after.

Cheap Romantic Weekends

Some travel agencies offer romantic weekend specials, with discounts of up to 50%, particularly in low seasons.  If you’re in the market for cheap romantic getaways, but your budget is tight, this could be a great way to get the break that you need, without stressing your bank balance.  After all, Bali in the rainy season is still incredibly beautiful, especially when you can cuddle up and count the raindrops with someone you love.

Seek Recommendations

If you have no idea where to spend your weekend break, ask friends and family where they would recommend.  This is often the best way to discover those truly magical, out of the way places that can only be found by word of mouth.  Taking advice from others is also a great way to plan a getaway that won’t max out your credit card, as your friends will be able to tell you roughly how much it will cost.

Wherever you decide to slip off to, be sure that you make the most of your precious time and you’ll return happier and relaxed, with your relationship reinvigorated for a few months – until the next romantic escape!

Luxury Romantic Weekends

Whilst it is true that a special moment can be shared witha lover almost anywhere, there are times when only the best will do. For some, a few days away in a deluxe holiday rental is the ticket, but if you want to go for service and pampering with style, here are some of our suggestions for the ultimate romantic weekend.

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