Phillip Island

Sitting neatly in the waters of Western Port, almost within spitting distance of the Mornington Peninsula holiday towns of Flinders and Shoreham across the bay and linked to San Remo by a concrete bridge, Phillip Island is a popular bolt-hole for Melbournians in need of a weekend getaway. The Island is close enough to Melbourne (less than 2 hours) for convenience and yet offers tourist attractions that are unique enough to set it apart from other Victorian holiday favourites like the seaside communities of the Great Ocean Road and enticements of the Yarra Valley.

Phillip Island has a wild, rugged coastline, dotted with rock pools and sandy beaches, tranquil bays and crashing surf – making it a weekend break favourite with surfers young and old. Holiday accommodation offers the usual mix of holiday homes, beach houses and apartments, along with camping and caravanning options and a range of hotels. There are also the villas of Ramada Resort Phillip Island in Cowes and, overlooking the island and within easy reach of it, the Silverwater Resort in San Remo has all the amenities you could desire for a weekend away from the city.

However, apart from all the usual plus points of a beach break, Phillip Island has 2 things that really set it apart from it’s rivals, it’s connection to Motorsport and the delightful Penguin Parade.

Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix – The Phillip Island Circuit in Cowes has had a long association with motorsports, providing a track for everything from V8 super car racing and go karts, drive days and superbikes to hosting the huge MotoGP event, the Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix every October. This is an important date in the ‘revhead’ calendar and Phillip Island is flooded with both day-trippers and those who make the pilgrim to the famous circuit for the whole 3 days. If you’re a fan of speed and excitement, this is a weekend away that you won’t want to miss!

The Penguin Parade – The Phillip Island Penguin Parade is one of the most enchanting natural phenomena that you’re likely to see on our shores. Every evening, as the sunsets, dozens of Little Penguins emerge from the surf on the South West coast of the island and make their way (noisily!) up the sand to their burrows. A major tourist attraction, this magical occurrence is a rare chance to get up close and personal with these adorable creatures as they waddle past the numerous boardwalks and lookout points that dot the sand dunes where they have their homes. The Penguin Parade at the Phillip Island Nature Park is a fabulous experience for both couples looking for a romantic getaway and families wanting to spend some quality time together, doing something that none of you will ever forget.

At any time of year, Phillip Island is great for a short break by the sea and a taste of quieter, country life. But pick the date for your weekend getaway wisely and you could find yourself screaming with excitement as motorbikes flash past or huddled silently in the sand dunes at dusk within touching distance of a Little Penguin.

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