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Valentine’s Day

With 14th February fast approaching, it’s time to start planning those romantic getaways and seductive candlelit dinners before it’s too late. For many of us Valentine’s Day is a chance to spend some genuine quality time with the special someone in our lives. If you’re near the start of a relationship, it’s a good opportunity to impress your beloved with a few days away somewhere memorable, whilst those that have been together for a while may feel it is the ideal excuse to getaway from the kids and reconnect on a short break. Valentine’s Day means different things to different people, but surely few would complain about being whisked off to one of this countries many luxury resorts or romantic hotels for a mini holiday!

Unfortunately, this year 14th February falls during the week on a Tuesday, but if you’re a true romantic that could well provide a good enough reason to book an extra day or 2 off work and make a proper break of it. An alternative is to move your romantic escape either forward or back a few days and enjoy a weekend away, with an overnight stay somewhere indulgent. Continue reading

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